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Children’s table and chair hire

At special events like weddings and parties, the needs of some of the younger guests are often overlooked. Our children’s party tables and chairs are designed to be the perfect size for children to use and will give them their own special space to interact with others of a similar age.
Why hire children’s party tables and chairs?

Children often struggle to sit on adult sized chairs and eat from adult tables unless given a boost. Even with adapted seating, spillages on adult tables can cause unnecessary stress. By hiring tables and chairs specifically for the younger attendees, you’ll avoid worrying about spillages and the children will find it easier to eat, drink, and enjoy themselves. It also promotes a feeling of independence and will encourage friendships to form between younger guests.

Children’s party tables and chairs hire rates:

Please note, a large children’s party table seats 10–12 children and a small children’s party table seats 6-8.

Tables: £6/£8
Chairs: £1.50



Collection and delivery of party tables and chairs

Customers are able to collect and return tables and chairs themselves. However, a suitable vehicle is
necessary in order to transport.
Alternatively, we offer a delivery and collection service in the Greater London Area (M25) with prices
charged by postcode, starting from just £5.

Children’s party inspiration

For very special occasions, such as weddings, why not make miniature chair covers and sashes so
that the children’s tables and chairs fit with the main theme?
As well as seating, children’s chairs are often a key part in many party games and the child-friendly
size will make the games smoother and safer. Why not try out a classic game of musical chairs using
our child-sized party chairs?

Don’t forget the decorations!

As well as offering chair and table hire, we also have a fantastic range of party table accessories.
From party poppers to tablecloths and bubble machines, we’re well equipped to satisfy all of your
party needs

Hiring children’s party tables

Based in London, our company is the perfect place to go to hire party tables for events involving
children. Let us take care of the tables and chairs for your next special occasion and give yourself one
less thing to think about. If you have any questions about our children’s party tables, please contact
us and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

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